Internships sometimes get a bad rap – fetching coffee, mundane paper-shuffling, twiddling your thumbs, etc. – but H&L prides itself that our program is nothing like that. In fact, the point of this internship is to truly learn how an ad agency works, figure out your strengths, and get valuable experience from people who are genuinely interested in helping you succeed in this business.


That means you’ll be doing real work for real clients. You’ll also have real responsibilities to the agency, the staff and your fellow interns. There will be deadlines, projects, client research, some random office tasks—and the accounting guys will hassle you to do your timesheets, just like in the real world. This is the real deal.

Your Role

We’ll embed you in different situations where you’ll have to think and analyze critically, though there will also be moments where you can just soak it all in. There will be ongoing production, group projects (Gasp! But collaboration is what advertising is all about), and orientations from various departments to introduce you to the different roles, structures and responsibilities within the agency. Of course, this is in addition to the assignments you will be given, which will entail all manner of debauchery (not really), and cover multiple facets of the agency workflow – so you can familiarize yourself with everything, but even more importantly, so you can find your niche.

This is the H&L Partners Greenhorn Internship Program. We hope to see your application.

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Don't take it from us. Take it from these Greenhorns that are now full time H&L'ers.

"Being a Greenhorn was an invaluable part of my professional development. It gave me the tools I needed to kickstart a career I'm passionate about."

- Elliott Sprecher

"It was such a unique and informative internship, that by the end I just didn't want to leave!"

- Natalie Chan