What if, instead of viewing the Media landscape as a marketplace, your agency viewed it as a series of powerful, directable moments?

Holistic Strategic Thinking

This is your Moment.

A moment is a turning point. It’s the business end of leverage—where the action is. Moment-Driven Media harnesses that turning point with a holistic approach to your planning and buying.

It starts with understanding consumer behavior. We identify your communications and sales opportunities within the context of buying moments. Then we align media strategies across the ever-widening spectrum of vehicles to maximize your impressions and build momentum across the entire plan.

Moment is at the core of

Imagine aligning strategies in social media, digital, search keywords, every conceivable video delivery application…including broadcast, and more, positioning your buy for optimization across the varied channels. Moment-Driven Media ties your effort together, minimizing waste, because your efforts are all coordinated to performance-based metrics that build synergies across your plan. In other words, we empower you to direct your media plan, not as a passenger, along for the ride, but as a driver.


Reach. Frequency. Momentum.

H&L Partners’ full-service, online and offline media capabilities in planning and buying don’t end in our rate negotiations on your behalf. We call the technology stack we employ to give your media plan a competitive advantage, no matter what brands you come up against Momentum.™

Momentum turns the media landscape’s complex, interwoven series of moments into a place where our data-savvy, entrepreneurial-minded Media experts put leading-edge theory into action. Our Moment-driven™ philosophy and Momentum™ tools allow you access to the kind of media placement across digital and broadcast media, once reserved for only the biggest players in the market. Now, you’re free to pinpoint moments for maximum reach and frequency and capitalize on opportunities you may have never known existed.

Moment-Driven, to turn on a dime.

This performance-based, data-rich tactical approach liberates your communication plan, allowing us to add touchpoints to your media mix you may not have ever considered.

Data Dashboard

And because we can monitor results with our industry-leading, customizable dashboard and adjust your spend—often in real time—we’ll keep your focus on the efforts that perform the best.

Return on investment is the factor that drives it all. Your moment is now. Let us show you how to build momentum in your media.


We see the multicultural market as the general market (particularly with the younger generations) and ensure that our campaigns are rooted in truths across several consumer segments including but not limited to Hispanic, African-American and Asian and more. Our team has vast expertise in leveraging media vehicles to reach our multicultural segments.

Our Integrated Media Experience

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We aren’t just media planners and buyers. We are media strategists and media creatives. There is a difference.

Effective Media planning and buying is still about getting the right message to the right people at the right times. That much hasn’t changed. What’s changing is how efficiently and effectively we’re now able to make that happen.

Take a Moment to Meet the Nerds



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We don’t know exactly what occurs in a person’s upbringing to infuse them with the intricate analytics skills, innate cultural awareness and incomparable market savvy to be a leader in this field. We’re just glad we’ve found a way to assemble them here at H&L.

With a physical footprint and practical experience reaching coast-to-coast and an even broader passion for all things Media, we’re ready to go to work for you.